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UM Military Tactics 618 1/72 Vickers 6 Ton Light Tank Model E Version A Plastic Model Kit

Product Code: UM-MT618

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Was developed in UK during 1928-29 by "Vickers - Armstrong". The company intended to export tank into so-called "Second world" countries. Tank had two turrets, each armed with 7.7mm "Vickers" machine gun. It was designed as infantry support vehicle and was nicknamed "trench cleaner".

Tank hull was riveted from sheets of armor (8-13mm). Two turrets with ability to turn were mounted on top. Tank was powered by 4-cylinder engine (80 H.P.).

Although, number of reliability issues (engine and suspension) was found - tank combat and technical performance was at high level. It had huge success overseas. 12 counties purchased this version, while Poland, Finland and USSR used chassis to develop their own Tank Forces. These tanks participated in number of conflicts. Considering that they were purchased by opposing countries - they often fought each other.