Spirit Island
Product Code: 798304339291
Dune Imperium
Product Code: 810058800008
Product Code: 3760146649552
The Witcher Old World Skellige Expansion
Product Code: 5906874198629
The Witcher Old World Metal Coins
Product Code: 5906874198452
The Witcher Old World Mages Expansion
Product Code: 5906874198605
The Witcher Old World Deluxe Edition
The Witcher Old World
Product Code: 5906874198599
Talisman Harry Potter Edition
Product Code: 700304154750
Crime Scene Game Helsinki 1999
Product Code: 6416739585857
Crime Scene Game Brooklyn 2002
Product Code: 6416739585840
Crime Scene Game London 1892
Product Code: 6416739585864
Crime Scene Game Moscow 1989
Product Code: 6416739585871
Sleeping Gods
Product Code: 51497120917
Product Code: 5907222999073
Star Wars Talisman
Product Code: 700304153739
Games Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion Game
Product Code: 644216610563

Buy Thematic Games Australia at Metro Hobbies. Buy Now Pay Later Options Avaliable.

Metro Hobbies have a great range of Thematic Games that will transport you to another world like The Witcher Old world or deep space trying to survive the Aliens roaming around in Nemesis.

What is a Thematic Game?
Thematic games immerse you in a strong theme that is driving the overall game experience, creating a dramatic story, not unlike an action movie or a book. Some well-known examples are Zombicide, Twilight Imperium, Battlestar Galactica, Talisman and War of the Ring.

How does a Thematic Game Play?

Usually created around a main dramatic theme, that drives the rules and the mechanics Thematic Games aim to immerse you completely in the story. There are so many themes, some of the main ones are fighting or good-versus-evil conflicts with heroes and villains, Science fiction and fantasy themes are very common.

Gameplay often features Exploration, Area control, Direct player-to-player conflict with even a chance of elimination. dice rolling, miniatures, and Story cards that drive the campaign.

But don't shy away if you don't enjoy conflict there are thematic games such as Sleeping Gods a cooperative game that you and your gaming group can journey through together. The conflict gameplay will be you and your crew against the big bad world and the monsters it throws at you

Thematic Games take you on a journey and are played over several nights providing a rich experience that draws you in like a good book or movie. Solve crimes, go on adventures with robin hood or survive an alien invasion

Shop a great range of immersive thematic games at good prices with Metro Hobbies online or visit one of our Melbourne stores.