LEGO 21343 Ideas Viking Village
Product Code: LEG-21343
LEGO 21342 Ideas The Insect Collection
Product Code: LEG-21342
Sold out
LEGO 21340 Ideas Tales of the Space Age
Product Code: LEG-21340
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LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin
Product Code: LEG-21338
Sold out
Sold out
LEGO 21326 Ideas Winnie the Pooh
Product Code: LEG-21326

LEGO Ideas Theme is the LEGO theme for collectors, designed by LEGO fans and enhanced by LEGO Designers to be both rewarding and challenging to build. Fans Design a set and put it up on the Lego Ideas platform in the hope it will receive 10,000 votes. All Fan designs to attract 10,000 votes are sent to LEGO to review and select the best designs to be made into a real LEGO set for you to buy and display in your home as a show piece.

These sets showcase a wide variety of topics and themes which includes Back To The Future, NASA, Space, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Vincent Van Gogh, Fender Stratocaster, Medieval Blacksmith, Grand piano, typewriter, Nature, Landscape, Gaming and many more beloved machines,popular culture, literature, film and TV themes.

New Exciting January 2023 Ideas Sets

  • LEGO 21335 Ideas Motorised Lighthouse

Announced Ideas Sets for Collectors

  • LEGO 21339 Ideas BTS Dynamite
  • LEGO 21338 Ideas A-Frame Cabin
  • LEGO 21340 Ideas Tales of the Space Age