Project L
Product Code: 3558380084532
Azul Queens Garden
Product Code: 826956600909
Buildzi Speed Building Game
Product Code: TBUILD
Garden Maze Genius Game
Product Code: HPCGMG
The Genius Gems Game
Product Code: HPCGGM
Logiquest Shadow Glyphs
Product Code: 3558380087830
Logiquest Zip City
Product Code: 3558380087779
Murano Light Masters
Product Code: 3760146642690

$59.95 $29.98

Product Code: TAN000385
Tantrix Puzzle Pack
Product Code: TAN000378
Product Code: 3421273323318
First Chess Set with Roll Up Mat
Product Code: CHESSF

$58.99 $29.50

Quoridor Junior
Product Code: 3421273301019
Product Code: 3421271318910
Product Code: 3421271317418
Bee Genius Game
Product Code: BEEGEN
The Genius Square Game
Product Code: GENSQU
Pentago The Mind Twisting Game
Product Code: SMA020800
Tetris Dual
Product Code: CAA104540
Azul Summer Pavilion
Product Code: 826956600503
Hive Pillbug Pocket
Product Code: 799599208255
Qwirkle Travel Size
Product Code: SMA521329
Haystax Barnyard Packing Puzzle
Product Code: BRA8311

Buy Abstract Strategy Games Australia at Metro Hobbies. Buy Now Pay Later Options Avaliable.

Games in which each move offers the player a puzzle to solve, think chess. Abstract games are logic games for 2 or more players where pattern recognition skills are needed. staff favourites include Azul, Qwirkle, Chess, Hive and Project L.

Abstract Strategy games stimulates cognitive thinking skills such as Logic, problem solving, spatial insight, executive function, planning and strategic decisions

These games are timeless and a great games for kids and adults as the difficulty level is defined by the players ability.

Shop a great range of logic strategy games like chess at good prices with Metro Hobbies online or visit one of our Melbourne stores.