Jigsaw Puzzles

The Art of Interlocking Ingenuity

Jigsaw puzzles have evolved from traditional pastimes into a captivating form of art and mental exercise. While the term 'puzzle' can refer to any problem or game that tests ingenuity, jigsaw puzzles are distinct in their form and function. Comprised of interlocking pieces that when assembled, create a complete image, they stand apart from other types of puzzles. This unique characteristic of jigsaw puzzles not only challenges the mind but also provides a tangible sense of accomplishment upon completion, making them a favorite among not only puzzle enthusiasts, but problem solvers of all ages.

Expect the Unexpected Piece Counts

When it comes to the specific count of pieces in jigsaw puzzles, the number of pieces in a puzzle, be it a 500, 1000, or even 1500-piece set, can sometimes surpass the number indicated on the box. For example, not all 1000 piece puzzles contain exactly 1000 pieces. Some may range from the advertised 1000 up to 1499 pieces. It emphasizes the diversity and creativity inherent in the design of jigsaw puzzles, ensuring that each puzzle experience is unique.

The Journey from Novice to Dissectologist

At Metro Hobbies, our diverse collection of jigsaw puzzles provides a captivating journey for all, from the novice enthusiasts to the most adept dissectologists. Our selection begins with puzzles less than 500 pieces, perfect for beginners just embarking on their puzzle-solving adventures. For the ultimate challenge, we offer puzzles up to an astonishing 18,000 pieces, designed for the most skilled dissectologists who have honed their craft to an art form.

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Find mindfulness in a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Metro Hobbies. We are always adding new puzzle brands like Magnolia Puzzle and Enjoy Puzzles. Our huge range of jigsaw puzzles are categorised by number of pieces so you can find the best jigsaw puzzle for you. 

Featuring quality brands like Ravensburger, Magnolia, Heye, Cavallini, Galison, Enjoy,  Wasgij and New York Puzzle Company You can be assured of an impressive range of puzzles to choose from. 1000pc jigsaw puzzles are the most popular size, however Metro Hobbies has a range of other sizes including 1500pc, 2000pc, 500pc plus kids jigsaw puzzles as well.

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