RC Sport/Aerobatic Aircraft

Built with advanced technology, our sport/aerobatic RC planes are the perfect option for beginners and longtime enthusiasts alike. Channel your inner pilot as you perform flips, loops, rolls, and other incredible stunts with your aerobatic planes. With sport and aerobatic radio controlled planes from popular brands such as E-Flite and FMS, Metro Hobbies is your top retailer regarding RC planes in Australia.

Excellent Range of RC Stunt Planes for Sale in Australia

At Metro Hobbies, we offer a broad range of RC stunt planes in various models and colours. Take a look at our warbirds, jet & ducted fans, and gliders collections for more RC plane alternatives. Don’t forget to buy a set of batteries and chargers in addition to your new plane. If you have any questions about our RC planes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Our team is made up of RC expert hobbyists, ready to advise you on choosing an airplane that channels your inner pilot!

Visit us in-store or shop online to find a wide range of remote controlled planes today. We also offer nationwide delivery and multiple buy now, pay later methods, including LatitudePay, Afterpay, ZipPay, and Laybuy.


How fast do aerobatic RC planes go?

The size of the plane usually determines how fast it can fly. Generally, larger planes are equipped with bigger wing spans that can handle heavier winds more than smaller planes. Another factor that affects the speed of a plane is the power capabilities of the motor installed in the machine.

What sort of tricks can I do with my aerobatic RC plane?

Aerobatic RC planes are specifically designed to perform aerobatic manoeuvres against the strong forces of gravity and winds. From loops, rolls, somersaults, or even freestyle flying, the flexibility of aerobatic planes allows you to experiment with different tricks in the air.

How do I maintain my aerobatic RC plane?

It's relatively easy to take care of aerobatic RC planes. All you need is warm water, soap, and a soft brush or cloth. Give your plane a good wipe after you take them outdoors to keep them in excellent condition.