Jekca ST28JPY01-M01 Maneki Neko 01S-M01
Product Code: ST28JPY01-M01
Jekca ST19DSD02-M01 Dachshund 02S-M01
Product Code: ST19DSD02-M01
Jekca ST19MA28 Love Bird 01S
Product Code: ST19MA28
Jekca ST19MA01 Scarlett Macaw 01S
Product Code: ST19MA01
Jekca ST23DD01 Dear Daniel 01S
Product Code: ST23DD01
Jekca ST23TX01 Tuxedosam 01S
Product Code: ST23TX01
Jekca ST23PC01 Pochacco 01S
Product Code: ST23PC01
Jekca ST23DD02 Dear Daniel 02S
Product Code: ST23DD02
Jekca ST23AP01 Ahiru No Pekkle 01S
Product Code: ST23AP01
Jekca ST23XO01 Bad Badtz-Maru 01S
Product Code: ST23XO01
Jekca ST19ML60 Buffalo 01S
Product Code: ST19ML60
Jekca ST19ML59 Dairy Cow 01S
Product Code: ST19ML59
Jekca ST19MA27-M02 Budgie 01S-M02
Product Code: ST19MA27-M02
Jekca ST19MA27-M01 Budgie 01S-M01
Product Code: ST19MA27-M01
Jekca ST19STS03-M02 Shetland Sheepdog 03S-M02
Product Code: ST19STS03-M02
Jekca ST19STS03-M01 Shetland Sheepdog 03S-M01
Product Code: ST19STS03-M01
Jekca ST19STS02-M02 Shetland Sheepdog 02S-M02
Product Code: ST19STS02-M02

$120.99 $96.79

Jekca ST19STS02-M01 Shetland Sheepdog 02S-M01
Product Code: ST19STS02-M01
Jekca ST19BHF03 Bichon Frise 03S
Product Code: ST19BHF03

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JEKCA construction bricks are designed to create sturdy and detailed models that can fit to everyone’s daily life. These are bricks with a difference!

JEKCA is very different from traditional building bricks - their patented technique ties the bricks together, and allows you to build a sturdy sculpture. Building JEKCA bricks is more challenging and requires more skills, but at the same time with a higher level of satisfaction that traditional building blocks can never offer.