A Legacy of Animated Excellence

From its inaugural series in 1979, Gundam has ascended from a mere mecha anime to a cultural phenomenon. With a narrative woven around space colonies, political turmoil, and existential questions, it dissects the human condition set against interstellar warfare. Gundam's complex storytelling has given birth to a legacy of diverse series, films, and spin-offs, transcending borders and languages to capture global imagination. Here, robotics and humanity merge in an intricate ballet, offering a speculative vision of the future that engages both young and old.

The Universe in Your Hands

Gunpla is more than an acronym for "Gundam Plastic Models"; it's a universe that fits in your hands. These kits encapsulate the grandeur and detail of the colossal mecha from the anime, shrunk down to a size that fits on your desk. They provide a gateway for both veteran and fledgling fans to manifest their fandom in a tactile form. Building Gunpla requires no special skills, only a steady hand and the desire to create. Every piece snapped together enriches the lore that you hold in your palm, making you not just a fan, but a participant in the Gundam universe.

Bandai: Crafting Worlds One Model at a Time

The history of Gunpla is incomplete without the stewardship of Bandai. Since launching the first-ever Gunpla in 1980, Bandai has been the cornerstone of this modeling hobby. Their commitment to quality has seen the brand innovate with new materials, smarter assembly techniques, and greater detail with each generation. They have continuously grown their line-up to include a broad spectrum of complexity and design. From articulation to decals, every element of a Gunpla kit is a testament to Bandai's dedication to the craft.

Our collection of Gundam items and accessories include;

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  • Entry Grade 1/144 : Your First Step into the Gunpla Universe

    Complexity Range: 20-40 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~10 (Limited Range)
    Entry grade kits are the beginner's best friend. Crafted for those who are new to the world of Gunpla, these kits provide a no-frills, straightforward building experience. With a minimalistic part count and easy snap-fit assembly, Entry Grades are not just toys; they are an invitation to a hobby that could last a lifetime. The lower complexity doesn't mean lower quality; the models offer decent articulation and a surprising amount of detail for their size.

  • SD & BB : The Cute Factor

    Complexity Range: 40-70 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: 200+ (Extensive Range)
    Super Deformed and BB kits bring fun and flair to the Gunpla world. With their exaggerated proportions and features, these kits are instantly recognizable and incredibly cute. Don't underestimate them, though; they come with their own unique accessories and gimmicks, making them a delightful addition to any collection.

  • High Grade 1/144 : The Universe's Gateway to Gunpla

    Complexity Range: 70-150 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: 1000+ (Wide Range to Choose From)
    High grade 1/144 kits serve as a broad entry point into Gunpla, appealing to builders of all ages and skill levels. These kits are perfect for those looking to start their journey or expand their collection without dedicating extensive time or resources. With a wide range of models to choose from, the High Grade line can be a lifelong pursuit or a stepping stone to more complex grades.

  • Reborn-One Hundred or Re/100 : The Intermediate Builder's Dream

    Complexity Range: 150-200 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~50 (Moderate Range)
    Re/100 kits occupy a fascinating niche between High Grades and Master Grades at 1/100 scale. They offer more intricate detail and more points of articulation than HG kits but without the potentially overwhelming complexity of MG kits. Re/100 models are often of mobile suits that are less mainstream, serving an audience that craves variety beyond the usual suspects.

  • Full Mechanical 1/100 : Details Meet Accessibility

    Complexity Range: 150-200 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~50 (Specialized Selection)
    Full mechanical kits serve as an excellent midpoint between High Grades and Master Grades. They incorporate features like inner frames and higher articulation, comparable to Master Grades but without the intimidating piece count. Full Mechanical kits are a great stepping stone for builders looking to tackle more complex projects.

  • Real Grade 1/144 : The Miniature Masterpieces

    Complexity Range: 200-300 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~150 (Focused Range)
    Real grade kits are often considered the pinnacle of the 1/144 scale. They incorporate a level of detail and complexity previously reserved for larger scales. Featuring full inner frames and a plethora of tiny parts, RG kits are best suited for experienced builders. Despite their size, they are highly articulate and incredibly accurate to their respective series' designs.

  • Master Grade 1/100 : The Art of Craftsmanship

    Complexity Range: 300-600 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~300 (Expansive Range)
    Master grade kits are a deep dive into the art of model building. The level of detail and articulation is a significant step up from other grades. MG kits often include features like functioning cockpits, multiple hand options, and highly articulated joints. The variety within this grade offers models that are both challenging and rewarding, making them a mainstay among seasoned hobbyists.

  • Master Grade Extreme or MGEX 1/100 : The Pinnacle of Gunpla Innovation

    Complexity Range: 600-800 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~10 (Very Limited)
    Master grade Extreme are for those who seek the ultimate Gunpla experience. MGEX combining the detailed mechanics of Master Grade kits with additional gimmicks like LED units, these kits represent the pinnacle of Gunpla technology. With an intense level of intricacy and a multitude of features, they provide an unparalleled building experience for expert hobbyists.

  • Master Grade SD or MGSD : The Best of Both Worlds

    Complexity Range: 150-200 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~10 (Very Limited)
    Master grade SD kits bring the best of the cute SD styling with the intricate detail of Master Grades. These MGSD kits, though caricatured in design, do not skimp on features, often boasting full inner frames and numerous points of articulation. They add an element of whimsy to any collection while still being a joy to build.

  • Perfect Grade 1/60: The Ultimate Gunpla Experience

    Complexity Range: 600-800 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~50 (Limited but Prestigious)
    Perfect grade kits are essentially the crown jewels of any Gunpla collection. Aimed squarely at expert builders, these kits offer a level of detail and articulation that is second to none. Often featuring LED lights, metal parts, and intricate mechanisms, PG kits are the epitome of what Gunpla can be.

  • Perfect Grade Unleashed 1/60 : A Masterclass in Model Building

    Complexity Range: 800-1000 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~5 (Ultra Limited)
    Perfect grade Unleashed takes the PG experience to new heights, incorporating not just the mechanical aspects but also an unprecedented level of external detailing. These kits are the ultimate for any serious hobbyist, offering an intricate, rewarding, and time-consuming build. They are true masterpieces in the Gunpla lineup.

  • Mega Size 1/48 : The Giants Among Giants

    Complexity Range: 200-300 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~5 (Ultra Limited)
    Mega Size models are about scale and presence. Though not as complex as other grades, their sheer size makes them a center-piece of any collection. Usually standing over a foot tall, these models offer a simplified but impressive building experience.

  • Hi-Resolution 1/100 : The Collector's Pride

    Complexity Range: 300-400 pieces
    Estimated Model Count: ~20 (Selective Range)
    Hi-Resolution models are specialized kits that combine pre-assembled inner frames with snap-together armor, offering a perfect blend of ease and complexity. These are not just models but works of art, featuring fine detailing and often coming with special materials like metal parts.

  • Non Grade / Other Grade : The Wildcards

    Complexity Range: Variable
    Estimated Model Count: ~1000
    NON-GRADES are essentially the kits that don't fit neatly into any of the existing grades. They can range from promotional items to special releases and often come in various scales and complexities. They are the wildcards of the Gunpla world, offering unexpected surprises for collectors.

  • Part accessories
  • Display Bases
  • Gunpla Decals
  • Gundam Figures: Tamashii Nations, Metal Build, Metal Structure and Robot Spirits

Embarking on your Gundam/Gunpla journey might appear straightforward, but it goes beyond merely unboxing your first model kit and following the instructions. Understanding the basics—ranging from kit grades to proper assembly techniques—is crucial for ensuring your models remain in peak condition. For any questions or insights on how to optimize your Gunpla experience, don't hesitate to consult with an expert in the field.


Metro Hobbies proudly features an extensive lineup of Gunpla kits from Bandai, covering a multitude of grades such as High Grade, Master Grade, and Perfect Grade. Additionally, we offer indispensable hobby tools, paints, and accessories for Gundam modeling.

Gunpla Model Kits

Our shelves are stocked with iconic Gundam models from various series. For fans of Universal Century, we have RX-78-2, Zaku, and much more. We also carry a wide range of other thematic models like Wing Gundam, Gundam Seed, and Gundam 00. Don't miss out on limited edition and P-Bandai exclusive models—subscribe to our Gunpla newsletter to stay updated.

Gunpla Assembly Supplies

To make your building experience smoother, we provide a complete array of hobby supplies from top-tier brands. These include flat and gloss acrylics, lacquer paints, and airbrush kits. We also offer essential tools such as nippers, glues, sandpapers, and putties.

Metro Hobbies features Gunpla for builders of every skill level. From Entry Grade for beginners to Perfect Grade for seasoned modelers, you'll find what you're looking for.

Bandai frequently releases new and updated Gunpla kits that cater to fans' ever-changing tastes. Stay tuned to see what's next, whether it's a re-release of a classic like the RX-78-2 or a brand-new series entry.

New Arrival / Restocked Kits
  • MGSD Barbatos Gundam
  • PG Unleashed 1/60 Gundam RX78-2
  • PG 1/60 Strikefreedom Gundam
  • HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam with Meteor Unit

Bandai provides detailed instructions with their Gunpla kits, helping you decide which paints and tools you'll need for your build. For first-time builders, our experts are available to guide you in selecting the right materials.

After you order your Gundam, Australia delivery times apply. If you live in Melbourne or Metropolitan Areas in Victoria and buy Gunpla online, you can expect your product within two working days. Otherwise, delivery times vary from three to six days across Australia. You can get in-stock products immediately at the Gunpla Melbourne, Box Hill and Dandenong store — all are open seven days a week.

Our Gunpla shop online allows for a range of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, AfterPay, ZipPay, PayPal and LayPay. You can call our team at (+61) 03 9890 1144 for more information.