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Remote Control Model Boats

Whether you're a master of the seas or still wobbly with your sea legs at Metro Hobbies, you'll be sure to find the perfect remote control model boat for your skill level. Shop online or visit us in-store to view our extensive range of RC electric boats and more radio control vehicles from all your favourite and trusted brands.

Find Your Favourite RC Model Boat across Australia

Our staff at Metro Hobbies is inspired by the satisfaction we get from assisting customers in selecting the ideal remote-controlled model boats and accessories to suit their interests. Our whole staff comprises RC hobbyist experts who can provide you with advice and address any concerns you may have with your RC electric boat. Visit us in-store to find a wide range of radio control boats and other vehicles today. You can also get in touch with our team to request a demo or find out how you can ultimately care for your specific RC boat model.

LatitudePay, Afterpay, ZipPay, and Laybuy are just a few of the buy now, pay later options we accept. We can also mail your new hobby supplies anywhere in Australia.


How much is an RC boat?

This will depend on the exact model and brand of your RC boat. The price should be reflected depending on the quality and ability you want from your RC electric boat.

What size brushless motor for RC boats?

When choosing the right brushless motor for your RC boat, you must ensure that the correct motor size is determined to fit the weight and size of your hull. Below are some basic starting points for a single-motor RC electric boat;

  • 28-29mm can power hulls up to 600mm
  • 36mm can power up to around 800mm
  • 40mm can power up to 1200mm as long as it's a light brushless motor or abs hull.
  • Anything over 40mm will require a 56-58mm motor.
Can RC boats go in salt water?

Essentially, you can use your RC electric boat in salt and fresh water when the proper maintenance and precautions are met. However, while RC model boats in Australia are operational in salt water, it's important to remember that salt water is extremely corrosive and can damage your RC model.

How do RC boats work?

Your remote-controlled model boat is powered by an electric motor at the front of the boat, which is connected to a shaft that runs to the back of your RC boat and out through the bottom of the hull. Your radio transmitter will send signals to your boat, which will then be interpreted and translated into directions for your boat.