LEGO 76248 Marvel The Avengers Quinjet
Product Code: LEG-76248

$159.99 $99.99

LEGO 76249 Marvel Venomised Groot
Product Code: LEG-76249

$52.99 $35.09

LEGO 76281 Marvel Avengers Tower
Product Code: LEG-76269

$89.99 $60.74


$59.99 $44.99

LEGO 76254 Marvel Baby Rockets Ship
Product Code: LEG-76254

$49.99 $33.74


$17.99 $14.39

LEGO 76241 Marvel Hulk Mech Armor
Product Code: LEG-76241
LEGO 76242 Marvel Thanos Mech Armor
Product Code: LEG-76242

$69.99 $47.24

The Marvel Multiverse is a magic place filled with epic heroes, incredible space ships, secret hideouts, capes and all things Super Hero.

The LEGO® Marvel Universe produces sets from iconic moments across the verse including Marvel Avengers, Doctor Strange, Infinity War, MCU, Comics, Wandavision, Loki, Spider Man, Spidey-verse, X-men and More. We are always enthusiastic about the new sets LEGO® have designs to capture the awesome heroes and their moments of triumph and downfalls.

The LEGO Marvel Multi-verse includes a range of sets from those suitable to Age 4+ that have large pieces and are simple to contruct to Age 18+ that utilise some advance building techniques that inspire and keep you interested.

Every Year a new line up is announced, there is usually a couple of announcements and releases through out the year, check out the highlights here online or visit the store to see which heroes have landed on the shelves.

New Exciting September 2023 Marvel Sets

    • LEGO 31209 Art The Amazing Spider-Man
    • LEGO 76267 Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Advent Calendar 2023

New Exciting August 2023 Marvel Sets

    • LEGO 76261 Super Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle
    • LEGO 76249 Super Heroes Marvel Venomised Groot
    • LEGO 76262 Super Heroes Marvel Captain Americas Shield

New Exciting April 2023 Marvel Sets

    • LEGO 76255 Marvel The New Guardians Ship
    • LEGO 76254 Marvel Baby Rockets Ship
    • LEGO 76253 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters

Marvel Sets for Collectors

  • LEGO Marvel 76209 Thors Hammer
  • LEGO 76191 Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Gauntlet
  • LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum
  • LEGO 76262 Super Heroes Marvel Captain Americas Shield