Trumpeter 09544 1/35 Russian KV-3 Heavy Tank

Product Code: TR09544
Barcode: 9580208095448

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The KV-3 tank, with its 120 mm frontal armor and 90 mm side protection, is even more powerful than the German Tiger tank that was late for nearly a year. The design required increased gun power, so the KV-3 chose the Navy's B-34 107mm naval gun and improved it into a ZIS-6 tank gun with an initial velocity of 800 meters per second. When launching armor-piercing bombs, UBR The Model-420 armor-piercing projectile weighs nearly 19 kilograms and can penetrate 167 millimeters of armor at a distance of 500 meters. In order to increase the shooting angle, the artillery firing angle in the turret is not less than 30 degrees. At the same time, the 92th factory and the GKO plant began to design and transform the model, and after the completion, it was transferred to the Kirov factory and required to produce 500 vehicles in 42 years. A KV-3 tank carrying 107 guns.