Trumpeter 01528 1/35 BMP-3 IFV

Product Code: TR01528
Barcode: 9580208015286

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BMP-3 is the newest member of the BMP infantry fighting vehicle family following BMP-1 and BMP-2. Its power system and fuel tank are located at the right rear of the car. Seven fully armed occupants are also sitting at the rear of the car. The top has a hatch and two doors at the rear of the car provide a level of occupant's getting off the battle. Directional channel. In order to make it easier for members to get up and down, the armor above the car body can also be opened.

The BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle began production in the late 1980s. It is now in service with the Russian Army, with more than 600 vehicles exported to other countries, including the United Arab Emirates (390 vehicles), Cyprus, Kuwait (110 vehicles) and South Korea.