Tamiya 61121 1/48 McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II Plastic Model Kit

Product Code: T61121

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Legendary Aircraft

The deployment of the F-4 Phantom II started in the early 1960s and over 5,000 were manufactured during its production run. The F-4 Phantom II was operated by not only the Navy and Air Force in America, but also other countries on account of its long range and superlative loading capacity. In 1952, the Navy desired a supersonic aircraft and while the F-8 Crusader produced by the Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. was employed, the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation continued to develop a two-seater interceptor with powerful dual engines. This aircraft equipped four each of AIM-7E Sparrows and AIM-9G/H Sidewinders, and was officially adopted as the F4H-1 in December 1958 (which was later renamed the F-4A). The F-4B's production started in 1961 and its delivery began with the Fighter Squadron VF-74. In 1965, two F-4Bs shot down two North Vietnamese MiG-17 each, but the most enemy kills in the early stages of the Vietnam War were carried out by the F-8. However, from Operation Linebacker in 1972 onward, F-4 deployment increased and it was operated for air-to-ground strikes. After that, various kinds of F-4 aircraft were developed and some have even been in service with some countries for half a century.

This ALL-NEW 1/48 scale model aircraft series kit recreates the Phantom II, which depicts the F-4B variant. The Phantom II first entered service in 1961, and offered excellent adaptability to a range of purposes. F-4Bs were the first Phantom II aircraft to see active service; powered by twin jet engines, they could carry significant ordnance and were used by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps through the Vietnam War, and into the 1970s and 1980s before they were phased out in favor of later designs and left U.S. service in 1996.


  • This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Navy type F-4B Phantom II, which is the first full-scale mass production type in the F-4 Phantom II series.
  • 1/48 scale, total length 370 mm, total width 244 mm.
  • Based on in-depth research, we accurately model the exquisite outline and cross-sectional shape of the actual machine.
  • Reliable assembly has been achieved by devising parts division.
  • Precisely reproduces the details of the J79-GE-8 engine nozzle, cockpit, leg storage, and details of the aircraft.
  • The outer wing can be assembled by selecting the folded / unfolded state.
  • The integrally molded horizontal stabilizer is movable in conjunction with the left and right.
  • The canopy can be opened and closed, and the refueling probe on the right side of the nose and the boarding ladder on the left side can be stored / deployed.
  • Different parts are available for the antenna and cockpit console depending on the marking specifications.
  • Air-to-air missile AIM-7E Sparrow, AIM-9G / H sidewinder, and two types of drop tanks are also included.
  • Includes 2 pilot dolls in a sitting position, 3 types of Migkiller markings that were active in the Vietnam air battle, and a mask sticker for canopy painting.