Steam Era Models R29L HO Welded RY Open Wagon Level operated brak Car 1965-1990 Kit

Product Code: SEM-R29L
Barcode: 154160

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The wagons represented by this kit were constructed at various VR workshops in 1938 and 1939 as grain proof GZ wagons, numbered 1701-2000. By the mid 1950s the VR had constructed a large fleet of GY wagons and the GZ wagons, which had a smaller cubic capacity than the GY, were downgraded to general goods traffic and recoded IZ, retaining the same numbers and load rating of 16/27 Tons. During 1963/64 there was a spate of derailments that were traced to 'W' irons of 27 Ton capacity IZ and HZ wagons cracking where they were riveted to the underframe. The solution adopted was to replace the 'W' irons and reclassify the wagons RY, retaining the same numbers, but with a reduced load rating of 16/22 Tons. The handbrake rigging was also changed in the mid 1960s and it is most likely that this change was made concurrent with the change in code from IZ to RY as the wagons were passing through the workshops.

Models illustrated have been fitted with couplers (not included).