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Steam Era Models R9C HO UB Bogie Louvre Van Cast Steel Bogies Kit

Product Code: SEM-R9C
Barcode: 140906

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The UB van was a bogie version of the standard 16 Ton U van designed for the carriage of perishable goods although other classes of goods were carried under certain conditions. The vans represented by this model were introduced in 1908 with 6 wheel underframes. They were rebuilt in the 1930's with 4 wheels or as 'UB' bogie wagons. In the late 1960's/early 1970's some wagons had the bottom three louvres in the doors replaced with flat steel sheets. There were sixty 'UB' vans numbered from 1-60. In the 1950's and 1960's some wagons were recoded 'UP' or 'UF', later reverting to 'UB'. UB with cast bogies.


  • Available in a range of Victorian Railways prototypes of wagons and carriages, in HO scale only.

  • R series kits are injection moulded from polystyrene and RE series kits are etched brass with lost wax brass castings. All kits include instructions, decals and wheels/bogies as appropriate.

  • Kits do NOT include paints, couplers and in many cases etched detail parts, which are all available separately.

  • Wheels to NMRA RP25 code 99 profile and HO gauge, from the standard SEM range of wheelsets, are included.

  • Bogie vehicles are supplied with appropriate bogies and wheels from the standard SEM range.

  • Kits R6, R12, R20 and R21 require some kitbashing skills to complete.