Steam Era Models R4W HO U Lourve Van Wheel Handbrake Kit

Product Code: SEM-R4W
Barcode: 140900

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U Louvre Van, 16 ton, Wheel Handbrake kit

The U van was designed for the carriage of perishable goods, although other classes of goods could be carried under certain conditions. Seventy five vans numbered from 992 to 1066 were built with six wheeled underframes at Newport Workshops during 1925. These vans also featured a 7'0" wide doorway each side and a corrugated iron double roof. During 1934-35 forty four vans from this series were rebuilt with auto' coupled bogie underframes and recoded UB, whilst the remaining thirty one vans were rebuilt with four wheeled underframes and also fitted with auto' couplers. A further two hundred vans were built new with four wheeled, auto' coupled underframes at Newport and Bendigo Nth Workshops between 1934 and 1939, being numbered 1067 to 1266.

This kit can be assembled to represent a van from the series 992 to 1216, which features a wheel type handbrake, wide doors and a corrugated iron double roof. The final fifty vans built at Bendigo Nth during 1939, as well as two hundred four wheeled vans with a similar style body constructed at Newport Workshops in 1946/47 and 1951/52, featured a lever style handbrake.

Model illustrated has been fitted with couplers (not included).