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Steam Era Models R2 HO I/IA Open Wagon Kit

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I/IA Open Wagon Kit

The first "standard" 15 ton steel I wagon No. 7671 was issued to traffic on 19-10-1908, the forerunner of over eight thousand similar wagons, the last of which (no. 15869) was issued on 23-8-1929. This total includes the derivative IY and G class wagons.

Designed as a general purpose open wagon, this numerous class was to be seen throughout the Victorian Railways system transporting all manner of goods from mallee roots to old tires. With the arrival of the GY bulk wheat wagons in large numbers in the early 1950's, numbers of I wagons were released for conversion to specialized usage, common amongst these were HD and HR departmental service stock, IC tippler wagons for briquette traffic, K flat wagons, KW car body transporter, KT and IT scantling wagons and numerous others. The B class box van utilized the underframe of the I wagon, these being constructed in the late 1950's.

The IA code and dual load stencil was a concession to farmers allowing them to ship produce at the higher load and be charged at the lower load rate. IA numbers were scattered randomly throughout the number range.

With the introduction of large numbers of bogie vehicles in the 1960's, wholesale withdrawal of I wagons was implemented and by late 1982 none remained in revenue service. The pattern I No. 7671 was removed from the register on 18-12-1974 and scrapped on 15-6-1976.

Model illustrated has been fitted with handbrake, shunter's steps and couplers (not included).