Steam Era Models R20 HO AE First Class Passenger Car Kit

Product Code: SEM-R20
Barcode: 140889

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AE First Class Passenger Car Kit

The 71' clerestory roofed 'E' class passenger cars were introduced into service between 1906 and 1910. AE first class cars numbers 1 - 38 and BE second class cars numbers 1 - 39 were used on the Sydney and Adelaide expresses and, together with the 'W' cars, provided the backbone of the V.R. passenger stock for many years.

This kit consists of injection moulded 'W' class passenger car components and supplementary details. Because of differences in compartment sizes between AE and AW cars and between BE and BW cars, there are some compromises, but each coach is within 2% of the correct length so the difference is not too apparent. Because the sides, roof and floor need to be cut and spliced, some experience in "kit bashing" would be helpful. AE numbers 1,3,12 and 36, as well as BE numbers 4, 19, 31 and 34 were airconditioned in 1935/36 which altered their appearance considerably. Furthermore, AE cars 21, 26 and 34 were rebuilt into buffet cars Kiewa, Moyne and Taggerty respectively. Kiewa and Moyne were subsequently further modified to become 1 and 2 BG. AE cars rode on 4 wheel "Spirit of Progress" bogies from 1962 on.