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Special Armor 1/72 SS-100 Gigant Schwerer Radschlepper Heavy Tractor

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In 1936, the Hanomag Company started production of the SSA-100 heavy cargo tractor. Compared to the cargo trucks of the time, the SSA-100 was capable of towing two trailers with an overall weight of 20 tons, at a speed of 40km/h. Compared to towing with a similar vehicle, this solution was cheaper by almost half. Hanomag started to produce the modified version of the SSA-100, the Giant, the following year. Even though the successful tractor found users in the civilian market, when the Wehrmacht began to re-equip itself by the beginning of World War II, all new vehicles were delivered intended for military use.

The SS-100 was widely used; it was deployed by the Wehrmacht's engineering and transport units for heavy payload transport, and also by Luftwaffe units. The Luftwaffe used it for towing large aircraft, heavy bombs or mines, etc. The need for these tractors was so great that licensed production had to be started at the Fross-Bussing Company in Vienna. Production did not stop with the end of the war. Production after the war gradually diverged as the damage from Allied bombing was gradually repaired (thankfully damage to the Hanomag Company was minor). In total, 1,112 SS-100 tractors were produced from the summer of 1945 until the end of production in 1950 for the civilian market once again. The tractors captured during and after the war were used by other armies.

The SS-100's design featured a frame made from extruded "U" profiles, its solid axles were suspended by leaf springs with the rear ones strengthened. the power plant was a D 85S 6-cylinder diesel engine with 8,553 cubic centimetres of volume, which gave output of 100hp. The engine featured a dry multi-plate clutch with a direct sequencing, four-speed ZF transmission. Depending on the equipment, the overall weight ranged from 5,000 to 6,600kg. With 250 litres of diesel in the fuel tank located behind the cabin, and fuel consumption of 50 litres per 100km, the tractor was supposed to travel 500km on one tank of fuel.


  • Mold Color: Tan, clear

  • Includes: Decals for 3 versions


  • Item Size: 26.1cm x 16.6cm x 3.5cm