Proses BS-FIX-01 HO/OO Ballast Glue Applicator

Product Code: PRS-BS-FIX-01
Barcode: 8680979260906
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Ballast Gluer is another innovative tool from Proses workshops to glue track ballast with ease and quickly..

Once you have used one of the Proses Ballast Spreaders to lay the ballast on your track, now is the time to quickly and simply place the glue onto the track. The Proses Ballast Glue Applicator does just that.

It has a special magnetic valve mechanism which drips the glue onto the ballast through 4 holes when you turn the knob 1/4 at a time. You don’t need to clean the rails after gluing process as glue is only dripped onto the ballast and not onto the rails. Fill with Proses G-01 Ballast & Scenic Glue, run over your tracks while turning the knob.