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Peco LK12142 TT GWR Home or Distant Dual Signal Kit

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Kit to build a dual-arm GWR signal with choice of home or distant signal arms. Can be built as a signal with co-acting high and low level arms or a 'short section' signal with the distant for the next signal box below a home signal arm.

Dual-armed signals were found in two roles.

Co-acting arms were fitted in locations where visibility of the signal was interrupted, for example by a station canopy, so high and low level arms were fitted such that if one was obscured the other within the drivers' line of sight. In these instances the arms would be the same time (home or distant) and worked together.

'Short section' signals were often found at large stations where each end was controlled by a separate signal box. A distant signal worked from the box at the farther end of the station would be mounted below the home signal arm clearing trains to enter the station. Thus the driver of an approaching non-stopping train could be advised if the route is cleared to pass through the station without slowing, or if he should anticipate needing to stop at the far end of the platforms.

TT gauge (1:120 scale)