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Panda 35008 1/35 9K330 Tor Air Defence System

Product Code: PAN-35008

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The first works on the self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system 9K330 Tor (in NATO code: SA-15 Gauntlet) began at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s. In 1986, the set was adopted by the Soviet Army. Serial production started in the same year and continues to this day (2017) at the IEMZ Kupol, Metrowagonmash and MZKT plants in Minsk, Belarus. The 9K330 Tor set was created as a successor to the 9K33 Osa set. The 9K330 uses a new tracked chassis, but most of all new targeting and target detection systems, as well as shooting projectiles from a vertical position. Thanks to this, the set can hit targets flying from any direction. The main task of the 9K330 Tor set was and still is to fight low and medium altitude targets, mainly helicopters, drones or attack aircraft. It is estimated that the effectiveness of the kit is very high. The probability of firing a shot is assumed at the level of: 92-95% against airplanes, 80-96% against helicopters and 90% against drones. The 9K330 set uses 9M330 missiles with a maximum velocity of up to Mach 2.8 and considerable maneuverability. The 9K330 set is in the equipment of many countries, including: Belarus, China, Greece, Cyprus, but most of all Ukraine and Russia, which each have about 100 sets of these weapons in their line.