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NCE DCC 0039 Cab06E Controller Handheld Cab with LED Readout

Product Code: NCE-0039
Barcode: 816757010212

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NCE CAB06 tethered handheld engineer throttle/controller with digital display and digital encoder speed control (knob has unlimited travel in both directions). Add-on controller for NCE DCC systems. Operates locomotives, lights, sounds and more (cannot program CVs). Includes controller with 7' cable and user manual.


  • 4-Digit LED display
  • Conventional knob for speed control
  • DIRECTION button
  • HORN button
  • Easy selection of locos and consists
  • Supports 29 functions (F0-F28)
  • Up to 6 recalls
  • Control individual accessories as well as macros.
  • NCE warranty

Also features YARD mode. Yard mode makes the speed knob act as a "center off" speed control. Turn the knob to the right and the loco will increase speed in the forward direction. Turn it to the left and speed will decrease until it gets to zero then it will start to increase speed in the reverse direction the farther you turn it to the left.NCE Note: The Cab06 will operate properly with all Power Cabs, SB3 and SB3a Systems. If you have a PH Pro, PH10 or PowerHouse system, you need to have software MAR 1 2007 or newer for proper operation. Some early MAR 1 2007 systems may display the wrong Loco Address above 4095. If you encounter this problem, please contact NCE directly for new software (see user guide for details).