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Kinetic 48006 1/48 F-161 Sufa Israeli

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Approximately five years after the IAF decided on their purchase, accompanied by two F-16A ("Netz") jet fighters, the first two F-16I jets disrupt the Negev silence. Before landing on Israeli soil, one of the aircrafts performs a "touch and go" procedure, following the landing of both aircrafts for the first time at the IAF base in Ramon. The new aircraft is equipped with conformal fuel tanks (CFT) that extend its flight range and enhance its ability to stay in the air without compromising other flight performances, an APG-68(V)X synthetic aperture radar (SAR) which enables tracking ground targets at any weather, day or night, and avionic systems which were developed according to specific demands made by the IAF and the Israeli Defense Industries. These systems are upgradeable and designed with the possibility of being updated in the future.