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Hasegawa 19196 1/48 F1M2 Type Zero Obs.Seaplane Pete

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The Mitsubishi F1M (Allied reporting name "Pete") was a Japanese reconnaissance floatplane of World War II. Between 1936 and 1944, 1,118 were built. Four were preproduction F1M1 aircraft as well as an unknown number of F1M2-K trainers. The Navy designation was "Type Zero Observation Seaplane".

The F1M1 was powered by the Nakajima Hikari MK1 radial engine, delivering 611 kW (820 hp), a maximum speed of 368 km/h (230 mph) and operating range of up to 1,072 km (670 miles) (when overloaded). It provided the Imperial Japanese Navy with a very versatile operations platform.

Optionally armed with a maximum of 3 x 7.7 mm machine guns (2 fixed forward-firing and one flexible rear-firing) and 2 x 60 kg (132 pound) bombs.

The F1M was originally built as a catapult-launched reconnaissance float plane. However the "Pete" took on a number of local roles including area-defense fighter, convoy escort, bomber, anti-submarine, ocean patrol, rescue and transport. The type fought dogfights in the Aleutians, the Solomons and several other theaters. Though not really much of a 'ship buster', the PT 34 was sunk 9 April 1942 by "Petes". The "Pete" was highly maneuverable and not at all an 'easy kill', with many able to escape US fighters in the hands of a good pilot.