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Mr Hobby (Gunze) H417 Aqueous Semi-Gloss RLM 76 Light Blue Acrylic Paint 10ml

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Barcode: 4973028505344

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Gunze Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color is a easy-to-use acrylic water-based paint, which can be diluted wlastic model kits.

Brushes can be washed in water and the solvent contained in the paint is very mild. It provides a differing texture finished from glossy to dull flat, and has very good leveling qualities on a primed surface, so the paint finish in glossy colors is excellent.

Mix with over 15 percent of H-40 Flat Base to dull glossy colors, or 5 to 10 percent for a semigloss finish. It is not necessary to dilute the paints for brush painting as a basic rule, but if it is difficult to use because of a high concentration or for spray coating using an air brush, it is recommended to mix in 10-15 percent of Aqueous Hobby Color thinner.

Two coats minimum are recommended to achieve full opacity with an air brush. Manufactured in Japan.