Gecko Models 35GM0004 1/35 Cruiser Tank A9 Mk.I CS

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During the lean interwar period, resources were tight and British tank development (and the Army as a whole) suffered from little development and investment. Some development took place and one of these was the Cruiser A9 developed in 1935 and tested between 1936 and 1938. It was noted that despite having an excellent gun in the 2 Pounder, it offered only an AT capability and the decision was made to develop a second type of tank to fire smoke and HE deemed essential on the battlefield and offer close support to the standard Cruiser tanks.

The A9 Mk.I CS was the first such tank and its 2 pdr gun was replaced by the 3.7” (94mm) howitzer. This was a conversion of the 3.7” mountain howitzer and could fire HE, shrapnel and smoke rounds. These tanks were allocated to the Regimental HQ and were deployed as needed.

Approximately 20% of the A9 production were CS variants.

The A9 CS weighed in at 12.2 tons and was powered by an AEC 150 bhp petrol engine. This gave a max top speed of 40 km/h and a cross country speed of 15 km/h with a road range of 240 km. Armour was 15mm. The vehicle had a crew of 6 but in hot climates the sub turrets were generally unmanned due to high temperatures reducing the crew to 4.

When the war broke out in 1939 the British armoured forces were woefully underequipped and the A9, A10 and A13 made up the bulk of the Cruiser tanks in service.

The A9 was deployed to France as part of the BEF but squandered in futile frontal attacks ordered by the French which were not the role of the fast Cruiser tanks. A large number were left behind in France where it proved well able to take on the German armour including the early Mk IIIs and IVs although its weaker armour was a severe limitation. The A9 was deployed to North Africa and proved to be more than a match for Italian armour however its brittle tracks caused problems. Its AEC power plant proved quite reliable however.

Approx. 1032 parts in Light Grey plastic, one polythene cable, 1 PE frets of 35 parts, 1 Wire Cable and markings for six vehicles. 1 colour plate of the box art is included

Markings are provided for six vehicles with only one being a desert example:

  • A Sqn, 2 RTR, 3rd AB, 1AD, BEF France, May -June 40 in G3 /G4
  • HQ Sqn, 3 RTR 3rd AB, 1AD BEF France, May 1940 Calais in G3 /G4
  • Queens Royal Lancers, 2AB, 1st AD BEF, France May -June 40 in G3 /G4 (No Sqn indicated)
  • HQ Sqn 5 RTR, 2AB, 1st AD, BEF France, May -June 40 in G3 /G4
  • 2 RTR, 4 AB, 7AD, Operation Compass NA December 1940 – Feb 41 in Caunter (No Sqn Given)
  • A Sqn 2 Dragoon Gds (Queens Bays), 2AB, 1 AD, BEF , France, May June 1940