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Fujimi FUJ91029 1/150 Tokyo Monorail Type 2000 Old Painting Six Car Formation 6-Car Set ST-17

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Commercialized with the coloring when the "2000 type" first VVVF inverter control method of Tokyo Monorail appeared!

Pre-painted and printed, the 6-car full train can be reproduced by simply assembling!

After completion, the track and pier for the appreciation exhibit will be included in the set.

Main parts assembly is press-fit design.

  • The number of places where there is adhesive is reduced.

  • The front part of the leading car is a snap-fit joint design. Reduces stains on the colored surface due to adhesive squeeze out.

Compared to the previous 1000 type, the number of parts has been reduced to make it easier to assemble while maintaining the appearance reproducibility of the dolly and seats.

  • The dolly is divided into left and right parts that are easy to assemble while maintaining the shape of the mounted motor and tires.

  • The dolly is for the front / middle, and the T / M dolly is made separately. Furthermore, the front car has an ATC / TD antenna, and the one near the wife side has no antenna to reproduce the difference.

  • The complicated parts division of the dolly has been eliminated, and the unnecessary space has been linked to the expression of the floor surface inside the car and the accurate reproduction of the seats.

  • The cooler mesh on the roof has a detailed engraving expression.

  • The light lens cover is a separate part with clear molding.

  • Coloring is also applied to the car body coloring and front / side window frames.

  • The logo mark, car number notation, wheelchair / silver seat mark, etc. are printed in advance.

A sticker that reproduces detailed markings is included.

  • The vehicle number will be put on the sticker so that multiple trains can be arranged (without printing it).

  • Contains all 4 components from the 1st organization (2011 organization) to the 4th organization (2041 organization).

  • The weak air-conditioned car notation is recorded on the sticker, the weak air-conditioned car notation includes 2 cars, and the previous 1 formation 2-car system can be reproduced.

  • The front light is designed so that the headlight / taillight part can be attached to the inside of the lens cover so that it can be easily reproduced.

  • Type display can be selected from 3 types: "normal", "section rapid", and "airport rapid".

Comes with a track that is useful after completion and diorama production.

  • Consists of straight tracks, curved tracks, and piers. Includes an exhibition track for 10 vehicle lengths on a double track.

  • The track is left-right aligned. The pier has a height of 55 mm and is designed on the assumption that it will be converted into a slope by utilizing a pier made by another company.

  • The support is a single-legged double-track support type. The PC track is a three-dimensional sculpture of the train line.


  • The body shape is partly shared with the 10000 type, and the beat on the roof and the surface engraving of the skirt are partially different.

  • Please note that some vehicles may have different antennas, skirts, and seating arrangements.

  • This product is made in Japan.

  • This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.