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Fujimi FUJ72344 1/72 JGSDF Type 10 Tank Special Version With Photo Etched Parts Set of 2 Mi-10 EX-1

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The Type 10 tank, which is the fourth generation of domestic tanks owned by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force, is the latest tank equipped with the C4I system.

Since the start of procurement in 2010, more than 100 vehicles have been deployed to the armored units, and in the north it is part of the company of the 2nd and 71st Tank Regiments, in Honshu it is in the 1st Tank Battalion, Weapons School, Armored Guidance Regiment, and Seibu in Kyushu.


  • The turret is designed so that it can be assembled more easily by integrating the upper side with a slide mold.

  • The smoke bomb launchers on both sides of the turret are integrally modeled with the turret.

    Environmental sensor is a part of the standing state.

  • The barrel is one-piece molded and the muzzle is reproduced with a slide mold.

  • The basket behind the turret consists of 10 parts.

  • The antenna is an integrally molded part including the base and antenna wire.

  • Separate parts are prepared for the lens surface of the headlight, making it easy to paint and creating a different experience after bonding.

  • The side and rubber skirt are integrated into parts, and the footrest holes are expressed as if they were real.

  • The track has a 4-piece structure on each side and is not equipped with a rubber pad for paved roads.

  • Crawler track rubber pads are prepared as separate parts, and can be put on by adding additional parts.

  • For the light guards such as the front blinkers, separate parts with delicate molding are prepared.

    The tow wire installed at the rear of the car body is a separate part.


  • The attached decal contains the unit mark, vehicle number, name plate, etc.

  • The unit mark includes the Fuji School Armor Department, 71 battles, 1 battle, 2 battles, 8 battles, 1 machine teaching, weapons school, etc.

  • The vehicle number contains loose numbers and can be written with a high degree of freedom.

  • The included etching parts for upgrading are included for 2 cars.

  • Includes parts that add and complement parts that could not be reproduced by injection (injection molding).

  • Includes basket mesh, hook ring on the floor, and antenna guard.

  • Includes parts that increase the sense of precision, such as the mesh guard of the headlights and the aiming ring of the on-board machine gun.

  • There are many parts that can be added with etching to increase the detail.

  • The rubber skirts are separated one by one, and the elaborate ones that are integrated with the fastener part are recorded.

  • A power pack intake mesh is available on the upper rear surface of the vehicle.

    The rubber part of the front skirt and the rear heat shield contains thin and realistic replacement parts.


  • Size: 80 x 90mm

  • 76 Parts

  • The molded parts are made up of one gray color.

  • 87 parts to assemble (per car / without track rubber pad)

  • The size at the time of completion is about "total length 130 x total width 45 x total height 40 mm".


  • Runner x20

  • Decal x2 

  • Etched parts x2 

  • Assembly manual x2