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Dragon 6268 1/35 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G Late Production

Product Code: DR 6268
Barcode: 089195862686

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This Panther G Late Production model kit will be the most accurate ever produced. Intensive research was conducted on surviving tanks to ensure every detail on the 1/35 scale kit is rendered as accurately as possible. Furthermore, all the technical drawings and production engineering were carried out by Dragon's vastly experienced design team.

Main Features:
Turret and Gun
- Newly tooled turret with accurate weld patterns
- Commander's cupola modeled in superb detail by 8-direction slide molds
- Multi-part commander's cupola with interior details and transparent periscope parts
- Turret-top pilzen authentically modeled
- Slide-molded close-defense weapon is moveable and can be modeled open / closed
- Cupola hatches with interior details can be positioned open / closed
- Optional loops for attaching camouflage to turret
- Pre-printed camouflage loop location marks-for ultimate modeling convenience
- Rear hatch with interior hinge detail can be positioned open / closed
- Accurate toothed ring for turret
- Newly tooled cylindrical stowage bin
- Multi-part slide-molded muzzle brake in great detail
- One-piece plastic gun barrel
- Gun assembly recreated in detail, complete with breech
- Two types of slide-molded mantlets

Upper Hull and Engine Deck
- Newly tooled upper hull with separate engine decks
- Driver's and radio operator's hatches with interior details and support arms
- Moveable driver's periscope with transparent part and optional cover
- Slide-molded headlight assemblies with maximum detail
- Optional MG ball mount plug
- Front ball-mount MG is movable
- Intricately slide-molded barrel travel lock with option of travel or combat configurations as separate parts
- New armored deflector for rear deck air intake
- Two types of engine deck hatches
- Engine deck hatch with interior details can be modeled open / closed
- Engine radiator details with 2 types of fans
- Crew compartment heater with 'pie slice' covers
- Newly tooled armored guard for cooling air outlet grills
- Authentically recreated armored guards for cooling air intake grills
- Optional slide louvers for engine deck air intakes can be molded in open/closed positions
- Delicate spare track rack modeled in great detail; slide molded holes for hassle-free fitting
- New on-vehicle tools

Rear and Lower Hull
- One-piece slide-molded hull bottom with superb detail
- Slide-molded one-piece flame suppressing exhausts in exquisite detial
- Optional hood for flame suppressing exhaust
- Two types of armored exhaust guards - welded and cast
- Newly tooled jack
- Metal tow cables
- Brand new U-shaped tow shackles
- Slide-molded rear storage boxes
- Full supension assembly with road wheel and idler arms that can be positioned on uneven terrain
- Idler wheel is multi-direction slide-molded for maximum detail
- Newly tooled idler wheels
- Road wheels exhibit fine detail
- Includes steel wheel for M.A.N. assembly line version
- Includes both return roller and track-shoe type guides

- Track links for sprocket section have guide horns as separate pieces for maximum accurancy

- Photo-etched parts for engine deck grills and cupola details
- Cartograf Decal with different markings

- Textures, weld lines and casting marks already built in - minimum touch-up for moleder
- Box Art by Mr. Ron Volstad

More about our NEW "Smart Kit" series:
The word "Smart" in relation to modern electronic applications (smart ID cards, smart kids etc.) and even the automotive industry (smart cars), is closely associated with images such as "Advanced", "Convenient" and "High quality of life". Such aspects are closely in tune with Dragon's new specialized series of model kits.

The saying, "Work hard or work smart" definitely applies here, with Dragon's engineers having cleverly developed a kit that will make the modeler's life a lot simpler. We call this series the Smart Kit, because it is a customized solution especially engineered to make building easier and more fun, without sacrificing any quality in the end product! Dragon's enormous expertise in design and engineering is producing more advanced kits with less individual parts, making them immensely simpler and faster to assemble.

About the Panther G:
The German Panther G had a crew of five, and possessed sloping armor that was 80mm thick on the hull front, and 100mm thick on the turret front. When combined with a lethal 7.5cm Kw.K.42 L/70 main gun, and two 7.92mm MG34 machine guns (one coaxial with the main gun, and one in a ball mount in the right bow).