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Dive is a game using the transparency of cards to play a unique experience. Your sense of observation will be at the heart of the game but the strategy may make the difference.

Dive deeper and deeper

While avoiding disturbing the sharks - and be the first to grab a beautiful gem from the bottom of the sea! Pay attention to your oxygen levels, and keep your eyes open for some kind sea creatures who might give you a helping hand.

Metro Hobbies Staff Review

Great game for families with younger children 6+.
A puzzle game where you must become a Pearl diver and dive into the depths of the ocean to collect your reward. This game is elegantly simple and uses a unique mechanism, you must peer through multiple translucent sheets each with a different feature on it, either a Shark a turtle, a fish, some seaweed etc. You must determine how many sharks are on each layer and how deep they lurk.
A marvelous Observation, Deduction and Risk-taking Game

  • Designer(s) : Romain Caterdjian & Anthony Perone
  • Artist(s) : Alexandre Bonvalot
  • Age : 8+
  • Player(s) : 1-4
  • Duration : 30 mins
  • Mechanism(s) : Observation, programmation