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Bandai 50581731 Grand Ship Collection Marshall D. Teachs Ship One Piece

Product Code: G50581731
Barcode: 4573102581730

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Marshal D. Teach’s Pirate ship and the rest of Bandai’s Grand Ship Collection make an excellent choice for modelers of any skill level to express their love for the series.

This model ship is unlike any traditional model ship you’d find on the shelves of your local hobby shop, as Marshal D. Teach’s Pirate ship is a snap-build kit made for assembly without any tools required! Bandai designed each part to pop right off the runner without any nippers, and they included a thorough sheet of color-correcting stickers for a great display piece right out of the box. The lower hull of Marshal D. Teach’s Pirate ship easily separates from the rest of the ship, allowing builders to choose between displaying the ship in its entirety or just what’s above water level!

This kit includes:

  • 3 Runners total (A, B, C)
  • Total Piece Count – 22 Pieces
  • Foil + Marking Stickers
  • Materials – PS