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Artesania 20515F 1/80 Metal Figurines For King Of The Mississippi Set of 18

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Metal Figurines For Steamboat Model King Of The Mississippi

Give to your steamboat or paddle steamer model even more realism thanks to this set of 18 metal figurines of the crew members, travelers and animals 1/80 scale, ready to be assembled and painted. The King of the Mississippi figurine set is suitable for many more model ships. It

Includes the following characters and ranges

  • 14 characters: crew and travelers.
  • 4 animals: 2 horses and 2 cows.

Paint the figurines with one of the two sets of acrylic and water-based paints made by Artesania Latina, already on sale separately: Basic Paints Set for Figurines or Advanced Paints Set for Figurines.

History Of The Paddle Steamers: Know The Characters

Assemble the set of 18 figurines of characters and animals in metal for the wooden model of the North American ship King of the Mississippi, a world-renowned paddle steamer ship or steamboat that moved thanks to the paddle wheel located at the stern.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the first steamboat was born, the Clermont, which crossed the Hudson River to go from New York to Albany and was the first ship to carry out a regular transport journey for the public. This was not the first, however, that used the fluvial or paddle wheels, that particularity was taken by the ships that sailed the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Due to its great fame, this kind of ship was even used to plow through the great rivers around the world such as those paddle steamers that were transported to the former African colonies such as those of the Congo River, where they were very useful to save the Livingstone Falls.

At the beginning of the 20th century, steamboats with wheels were being discarded since the arrival of the helical propeller, they became totally obsolete. From that time on, ships equipped with steam engines were built with submerged propeller transmissions. Of course, some still survive in North American waters as historical symbols of the country.

Now, the modeler has this fabulous set of 18 figurines in metal for the renewed wooden model paddle steamer King of the Mississippi. Essential in any naval model building collection!

  • Material : Metal
  • Minimum Age : 14 Years
  • Scale : 1/80
  • Does It Require Assembly? : Yes