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Kato 106-6272L Union Pacific F7 Freight Train Starter Set ESU Loksound

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N EMD F7 Union Pacific Freight Train Set w/ ESU LokSound Installed

The perfect jump-off point
Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato "Starter Series" train set! Ideal for beginning modelers who already have a track setup or who are looking to purchase one of Kato's Master Series Track Sets. Each set includes a Kato locomotive along with an assortment of appropriate rolling stock to create a great beginning train that is both enjoyable and versatile - just add track and power! Everything included meets the same high standards as Kato's individually packaged products, and are fully capable of being expanded or rolled into existing layouts, and will look great behind other locomotives such as Kato's N EMD SD45

Each F7 Freight Train set includes one of Kato's EMD F7A locomotives, two ACF Covered Hoppers, a tank car, and an appropriately painted caboose. The F7A locomotives are DCC friendly and can be easily upgraded for Digital Command Control. The trains can be supplemented with a diverse variety of cars, including the also-available Mixed Freight Train set from Kato USA, which provides a number of individually painted freight cars in a similar box hangar packaging.


  • 1 x UP EMD F7A Locomotive
  • 2 x SP ACF 70 ton Covered Hoppers
  • 1 x UTLX Tank Car
  • 1 x UP Cupola Caboose