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Schumacher ATOM 2 GT12 1/12 Circuit Chassis Kit Steel Chassis S2 Version

Product Code: SCH-K179

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Schumacher ATOM 2 1/12th GT12 Circuit Car

The ATOM 2 takes GT12 racing to the next level. The all new steel alloy chassis makes for a fantastically low centre of gravity, excellent for maximum cornering speeds. The all new Slide Pivot System is a low friction, bind free design that maximises rear traction. While still offering an easier build and low maintenance. With a host of other refinements from the British Championship winning ATOM, the ATOM 2 is the 'go to' car for GT12 racing.

Steel Chassis S2 Version

All chassis components other than the actual chassis are more durable and cost effective Schumacher developed S2 material.


  • Steel chassis providing both an ultra-low Centre of Gravity and ideal flexibility for maximum drivability and cornering agility.
  • Centre pivot design. Much easier build and maintenance, with a new bind free design.
  • Adjustable LiPo position for weight distribution tuning. (4 equally spaced options)
  • Slotted floating servo mount, for easier servo fitment and improved flex.
  • Easy body shell height adjustment.
  • Easy front ride height adjustment.
  • Tweak free and easy LiPo mounting using O-ring fixing.
  • Lightweight pod assembly for smoother, more predictable drivability and bump handling.
  • Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts
  • Rear ride height adjusters, easier adjustment and 0.25mm height increments.
  • Side link design giving easier build process and maintenance. New longer design to reduce length change in roll.
  • Hub carrier design with improved geometry giving faster cornering with no compromise to drivability.
  • Ceramic coated kingpins with new layout for silky smooth suspension action.
  • Optional, much simplified front Camber and Caster adjustment.
  • Lightweight front foam bumper supporting wider and modern range of bodies.
  • 64T 48dp Kimbrough high efficiency spur as standard (options available)
  • Range Of optional colour coded front springs.
  • Steering lock stops to accurately control the inside wheel lock.
  • Revised Body Mounting position for Improved Handling and body shell support.
  • Thread insert design making work on the car much quicker and simpler.
  • Rotationally balanced left rear wheel clamp.
  • Extra low rear roll centre pivot height for awesome rear traction.
  • All black nuts as standard.
  • Perfectly balanced rear pod assembly.
  • Ultra-low motor position.
  • Full Range of colour coded rear and side springs.
  • Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts.
  • Separate springs for independent roll and bump stiffness adjustment.
  • Lightweight ball differential with 3 screw wheel fixing and carbon axle.
  • Ball bearing front and rear axles.
  • Adjustable toe-in/out.
  • Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 pivot set. To optimise left/right weight distribution.
  • Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
  • Damper tube style rear damping for improved bump riding and corner handling.
  • Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts.
  • Simple rear droop adjustment.
  • Small Kimbrough servo saver with stiffener included as standard.
  • High tensile steel hex screws used throughout
  • Adjustable steering turnbuckles included as standard
  • High quality easy to follow instruction manual.
  • Range of world championship winning Contact foam available.
  • Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, LiPo’s and speed controllers.



  • 2 Channel Radio
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • Electric Speed Control
  • Motor Pinion
  • 1S Lipo Battery
  • Bodyshell
  • Power Source: ELECTRIC
  • Length: 295mm
  • Wheelbase: 201mm
  • Width: 164mm
  • Top Speed: 40 MPH+