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Tamiya 56018 1/16 King Tiger Production Turret Radio Controlled Kit

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Tamiya continues to develop its 1/16 R/C Tank Series. The fourth full-option kit to make its appearance is the German Heavy Tank King Tiger. Not only can the model move forward and backward and turn with a great sense of power, but the turret can be rotated and the 88mm gun raised and lowered. To imitate the firing of the main gun and of front machine gun, light flashes while sound is heard. The sound of the engine has been recorded, with the assistance of the French museum of Saumur, from a real Maybach HL230-P30 engine of the only King Tiger kept in working condition in the world. Not only all stages of engine sound (idling through full throttle) but also all the metallic clanking of the tank tracks have been thoroughly recorded.

During the second half of WWII, Zimmerit coating was applied on German tanks to protect them from the threat of magnetic mines. For this kit, the Zimmerit coating has been replicated with a unique relief printed seal. Thanks to this seal, you can now represent accurately a late war King Tiger with great ease.

About the German King Tiger (Henschel Turret)

The German Heavy Tank King Tiger made its appearance during WWII in 1944. The chassis front armor was 150mm thick with 80mm thick side armor and powered by a 700hp Maybach HL230-P30 engine. The Henschel and Porsche companies came up with rival turret prototypes. The first 50 tanks produced had Porsche turret whereas subsequent tanks were equipped with the Henschel designed production turret that featured many improvements over the first model. The King Tiger was armed with a 71-caliber 88mm gun that had enough power to pierce 150mm thick armor from 2000m away. Between The beginning of production in Summer 1944 and March 1945, 440 units were completed. Due to the havoc wreaked by the King Tiger during the final German offensive on the Ardennes front in December of 1944, the Allied forces that moved in on Berlin would fear the King Tiger up until the very last day of the war.

2 Types of Engine Starting Sounds

Besides using electric motor starter in general conditions, the King Tiger's engine was started using a crank starter on cold days to save batteries power. This model realistically replicates both of these procedures. When switching on transmitter first, the crank starting sound is heard, but when you switch on the receiver first, electric motor starting sound is heard. You can now feel like you are part of the tank crew as you decide which procedure to follow based on temperature conditions.


  • 4-channel radio gear
  • 7.2 battery & charger
  • Scale : 1/16
  • Construction type : assembly kit
  • Terrain use : multi-purpose
  • Drive-train : tracked vehicle
  • Drive type : gearbox
  • Drive line : dual tank gearbox
  • Differential type : n/a
  • Suspension : torsion bar
  • Steering mechanism : dual tank gearbox
  • Shock damper : n/a
  • Shock damper material : n/a
  • Tire type : tank treads
  • Tire tread : n/a
  • Body material : ABS Plastic
  • Chassis material : plastic
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : included
  • ESC model : DMD-control unit
  • LED Light buckets : no
  • LED lights : no
  • Motor : 380-brushed type
  • Bearings : metal bushings
  • Adjustable camber : n/a
  • Adjustable toe angles : n/a
  • Adjustable ground clearance : n/a
  • Adjustable gear ratio : n/a
  • Adjustable wheelbase : n/a
  • Adjustable track width : n/a
  • Adjustable shock angle : n/a
  • Special feature 1 : Overall Length: 640mm, Overall Width: 235mm
  • Special feature 2 : 88mm gun barrel replicated with aluminum
  • Special feature 3 : Intricate tank tracks come pre-assembled
  • Special feature 4 : Kit includes 1 tank commander (upper torso), and decals for the portrayal of 3 different King Tiger Heavy Tanks