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Tamiya 56035 1/16 JS-2 Russian Heavy Tank Mod 1944 Full Option Radio Controlled Kit

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Russia's Tiger Hunter

Tamiya is pleased to announce a 1/16 scale R/C assembly kit of the Russian Heavy Tank JS-2. This highly accurate model captures the appearance of the JS-2 perfectly, with the powerful 122mm gun, distinctive sloped frontal armor and details such as the rear fuel tank and storage boxes. The chassis features numerous metal parts to ensure that the weightiness of the JS-2 is authentically replicated. The Full Operation Set (Item 56034, Japan market only) conveniently includes a 4-channel transmitter to remotely control the model's sounds, lights and movement, a 7.2V battery, and a battery charger. Add the separately available Battle System and you can even have mock battles with other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks.

Realistic mobility  

Rear-mounted pre-assembled gearbox features Type 380 motors for plenty of power. Metal parts such as the lower hull, suspension arms, and drive sprockets ensure durability. The suspension is just like that on an actual JS-2 and features metal torsion bars and pre-assembled resin tracks to absorb terrain undulations. In addition, the DMD Control Unit T-08 features a special low-speed setting which enables slow lumbering movements for even greater realism.

Main Gun Firing

As the aluminum 122mm main gun fires, the barrel-mounted LED flashes, a firing sound roars from the onboard speaker, and the turret recoil unit and drivetrain gearbox work in conjunction to produce realistic barrel and hull recoil movement.

About the JS-2

The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2, built to destroy the German Tiger I and Panther, could boast of taking its initials from the then-Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. It possessed a 122mm main gun and superior armor of up to 120mm thickness without sacrificing its excellent mobility, and production began in December 1943. From August 1944, the hatch on the front glacis was deleted, which greatly improved its frontal protection. These improved versions with distinctive cast hull were produced by the Chelyabinsk Kirov Factory (ChKZ) and went on to become a major part of the Russian offensive toward the end of the war.


  • 4-channel Transmitter
  • Battery pack and charger
  • 4xR6/AA/UM3 Batteries for Transmitter
  • Length: 617mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 176mm, Weight: 3300g
  • Chassis, suspension arms, and drive sprocket are recreated by metal parts for a realistically weighty driving experience.
  • Features an aluminum gun barrel, and photo-etched parts to depict the tank's radiator grille and shackle holder.
  • Tracks are replicated accurately using durable plastic.
  • All movements are accompanied by sounds emitted from the speaker unit mounted in the rear of the hull.