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Kato 10-017 N ICE4 Starter Set

Product Code: KA10-017

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Basic set (4 cars) / Addon set A (3 cars) / Addon set B (5 cars)

  • Prototype is 9034 formation. Set a car number different from existing products
  • Beautifully reproduce the green band on the front side of the leading car, plug design, logos


  • Adopt black dyed wheels according to the appearance image of the actual car
  • Signs placed in various parts of the car body , The notation such as the car number is accurately reproduced.
  • One motor car is built into each of the basic set and the add-on set. Considering the cooperation of motor cars, the motor car of the add-on set has no traction tires, adopts a power unit with a flywheel, enables stable running, and has
  • a builtin lighting board for interior lights that matches the length of the car body. Can be lit by combining an optional interior light set.
  • The intermediate connection part uses a coupler that reproduces the entire circumference holo and is easy to connect.
  • Head / tail light lighting. The headlight uses a light bulb color LED.
  • Minimum passing radius: R282
  • DCC friendly
  • The book case of the addon set adopts a book case with a large width according to the length of the vehicle. Vehicles of the basic set can be stored in the addon set A
Vehicles included in the starter set set are the same as <10-1542 ICE4 (green band) basic set (4 cars)
  • Unitrack track is equivalent to M1 set Included
  • Power pack adopts high output (1.2A) "Power pack standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter set"
  • The attached plan variation guide is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more expansive system development.
  • There is a secret pocket inside the package, and you can store the case and railroad tracks of the vehicle set you purchased later.
  • Package size is M1 Common with the master set (size width 390 mm x height 355 mm x depth 110 mm)