Bandai 50656911 HG 1/100 Yf-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius Use) Full Set Pack

Product Code: G5065691
Barcode: 4573102656919

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Maximilian Genus's custom YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie, as seen in "Macross Delta Zettai LIVE!!!!!!", is now a full set High Grade (HG) model kit from Bandai complete with super parts!


  • Utilizing the HG series' ease of assembly and wide range of motion, this kit adopts the "Shortcut Change," which simplifies the transformation sequence by using replacement parts.
  • The super parts can be removed and replaced; the development of the missile hatch and fold wave projector is also reproduced by parts replacement.
  • The booster nozzle has a telescopic gimmick; the curved beauty of the forward wings in Fighter Mode are faithfully reproduce, as is the characteristic silhouette in Gerwalk Mode.
  • The Battroid Mode also boasts its typical smart bodyline!
  • The range of motion of the arms has been expanded by giving the shoulders pull-out joints, and a triple-axis joint has been added to the chest too.
  • Its hip joint also has a wide range of motion for dynamic and natural posing.
  • The clear parts are made with polarization molding in three colors that change depending on how the light hits it, too!


  • Gun pod
  • Shield
  • Knife
  • Missile deployment parts (left and right, x2)
  • Landing gear
  • Fold wave projector deployment parts (x2)
  • Fighter form reproduction parts (x1 set)
  • Joint parts
  • Hand parts
  • Base for display
  • Name sticker