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Bee Genius Game

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The Queen Bee is leading her worker bees in the construction of their new honeycomb and they need help!

Following on from the huge success of The Genius Square, we're delighted to introduce Bee Genius, the newest member of the Genius Collection, designed especially for little geniuses! Roll the six dice to determine the locations of the worker bees. The challenge is then to fit all 11 of the coloured shapes around the bees, with no gaps, to complete the perfect honeycomb!

There are 46,656 unique possible combinations in which the dice can fall and all of them have at least one possible solution. Some combinations will be easier to solve, some much harder. Bee Genius is a non-competitive game, devised to help children to develop their thinking skills. Every puzzle solved will help a child to build their skills and grow their self-confidence, as they start to realise that they too can BEE GENIUS!

Colorful And Graphics Kids Friendly

Different colors and happy bee faces set the mood for our young ones to learn the fun way.

For Early Learning

With thousands of possible combination to which the dice may fall to which at least 1 possible solution, children are assisted to hone their thinking skills.

Next Gen Geniuses Created

With our little ones assisted learning, we can develop future scienstists, astronauts, mathematicians, thinkers!

Instruction Included

Trapped and not sure how to proceed? Do not worry as the Bee Genius comes with an easy to follow instruction guide.

"Made for kids from age 3 to 8. Kit contains small parts which can be a choking hazard. Adult supervision is required for younger kids.

  • Players: 1 or more
  • Box Size: 27cm x 27cm
  • Skills: Spatial Awareness, Strategic Planning, Visual Perception
  • Age: 3 to 8