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Bandai 50616691 Figure-rise Standard Amplified Dukemon / Gallantmon Digimon

Product Code: G50616691

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Gallantmon is an Exalted Knight Digimon. One of the "Royal Knights", it is a being containing contradictions, as it is called a guardian deity of the Net despite being a Virus attribute, and if by any chance its balance is lost, it is possible for it to become a dangerous being. It pilots the Flying Dragon machine "Grani" as a dragon knight that races across the skies. It is clad in holy armor refined and constructed from 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid, and its right hand can become the holy lance "Gram", rivaled only by Darkdramon's "Gigastick Lance", while its left hand can become the holy shield "Aegis". It honors chivalry, and is a loyal vassal towards its lord.


  • The torso flexibly moves, reproducing a beast-like posture.
  • Holy Lance Gram x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Pedestal for Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Stickers x 1