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Bandai Tamashii Nations OT66214L Metal Structure Kaitai-shou-Ki RX-93 Nu Gundam

Product Code: OT66214L
Barcode: 4573102662149

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Metal Structure Nu Gundam

The main mecha "νGundam" that appeared in the 1988 theatrical animation "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" has been made into a three-dimensional figure that pursues the realism and gimmicks of the mecha that is more realistic than the one depicted in the anime. An unprecedented finish such as appearance, internal structure, and texture enhances the satisfaction of the owner.


  • Dismantle this to sublimate the individual present there to a more dense presence.

  • Overcoming each of the approximately 2000 pieces, the assembly sublimes to a higher-dimensional presence as it shines in a new glow.

  • "Disassembly" and "construction", the two contradictory, are the seeds for creating unique "creation" never seen before.

  • By colouring and marking over the whole body, we pursue the texture that imagines a real mechanism.

  • The composite material made up of about 2,000 parts reproduces the texture reminiscent of a real mechanism.

  • Built-in armour deployment gimmick in each part. It can be opened and closed in stages.

  • The luminous gimmick built into the main unit and pedestal further produces a mechanical feeling and a huge feeling.


  • Gundam body

  • Shield

  • Beam Rifle

  • New Hyper Bazooka

  • Beam saber (large)

  • Beam saber (small)

  • Beam saber effect (one set)

  • Stand

  • Light unit set

  • Catwalk set

  • A set of mechanic figures

  • Amro figure set


  • Gundam main body: LR41 × 3 (test battery included)

  • For pedestal: AAA 4 × 4 (sold separately)

  • Total height: about 370 mm
  • Material: ABS, PVC, Die-cast