• Hobby Basics: Scale model photography with your mobile phone

    Have you ever wanted to shoot photos of your precious model collection only to be totally disappointed with the results? Colors all wrong and muddy, focus on the background instead of the kit, light falling all wrong on the kit. With the quality of mobile phone cameras ever improving and inexpensive readily available LED lighting, quality scale model photography with your phone is actually not too difficult, provided you know a few basics. The most important element in photography is...

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  • Hobby Basics: Repainting your older model kits

    Sometimes you never know when you’ll produce a piece of work you can truly be proud of, unless you take that old kit and begin!

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  • Hobby Basics: Drybrushing

    Hobby Basics: Drybrushing

    Getting realistic metal wear and making highlights stand out with a simple tried and true technique. One of the oldest techniques in the modellers tool of tricks is drybrushing. It is primarily used these days to simulate worn shiny metal. Track links for instance are constantly abraded by the surface that tanks roll on, wearing the contact points into bright shiny metal highlights. Other parts such as shovels, machine guns can benefit a lot from a little metal drybrushing. Drybrushing...

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