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UM Military Tactics 650-0 1/72 Oerlikon 20mm/70 Mk.4 AA Gun USA

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The most common small-caliber automatic anti-aircraft gun during the Second World War is the 20 mm FFS automatic gun developed by the Swiss company Oerlikon.

In the United States of America for the Navy, this gun was produced under license in modifications "20 mm / 70 (0/79") Marks 2, 3 & 4. The Mk 4 modification was the most massive at the initial stage of production. This installation was installed on all classes of combat ships, ships and boats of the US Navy.

The Mk 4 installation was supplied under Lend-Lease to the Allies (the USSR received 1993 installations, not counting the weapons that were equipped with ships received under Lend-Lease). In total, from June 1941 to the end of 1945, the United States had 124,735 Oerlikon guns produced.


  • Model length: 19mm


  • 13 plastic parts

  • Photoetches

  • Scheme for painting

  • Detailed instructions in Ukrainian and English languages