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Trumpeter 09565 1/35 Russian Obj199 BMPT Ramka with ATGM launcher ATAKA

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The BMPT Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an armored vehicle developed by the Russian Federation to support tank and infantry operations, especially in response to urban operations. Because of its powerful firepower, it has the nickname "Terminator"

The BMPT design is based on the T-72 main battle tank chassis that is heavily used by the Russian army. Compared to the T-72 tank, the rear position of the BMPT cockpit has been improved, providing more space to install equipment. The BMPT turret is equipped with two 2A42 models. 30mm cannon with 850 rounds of ammunition. This two-way gun can use the high-explosive bomb (HE-T), shelling armor-piercing projectile (APDS), killing explosive bomb (HE-FRAG) and tracer armor-piercing projectile (AP-T), and has 200~300 The low rate of fire per minute or 600 rounds per minute is adjustable. Above the cannon is a PKTM (PKT coaxial machine gun modified) 7.62 mm caliber machine gun. Two sets of 9M120 "charge-T" anti-tank missiles (NATO codename AT-9 "spiral-2") launchers are installed on both sides of the turret. The armored grenade (HEAT) warheads equipped with them can penetrate any armor (including Reactive armor) and other targets.