Trumpeter 01616 1/72 RA-5C Vigilante

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The North American A-5 Vigilante is an American on-board bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The history of the A-5 aircraft dates back to the mid-1950s. It was then that the US Navy announced a need for a jet, strategic on-board bomber, used to carry nuclear weapons. The new aircraft was to replace the previously used AJ - 1/2 Savage and P2V - 3C Neptune. The design of these machines dates back to the last years of World War II and their performance was much inferior to that of the then Soviet planes, which resulted in their low effectiveness during bomb attacks. They were replaced by the A - 3D Skywarrior aircraft, but it did not meet all the criteria of an aircraft intended for strategic bombing, it was not a successful design (it was too big, too heavy and too slow), in addition, the US Navy intended to significantly modernize its air park.

As early as 1962, work began on the reconnaissance version of the Vigilante, designated as RA - 5C. Initially, 12 RA - 5Cs were ordered in place of the A - 5B version. Later, all naval A-5A and A-5B aircraft were converted to this variant, completely abandoning their use as a bomber. The first to receive them was RVAH - 5 "Savage Sons" (USS Ranger), then RVAH - 3 "Saea Dragons", RVAH - 9 "Hot Owls" and three other squadrons. In 1963, 34 aircraft of the second production series were ordered, after which the production line was dismantled and preserved. In 1968, in connection with the war in Vietnam, interest in this plane increased, which resulted in an order for a further 36 machines. A total of 156 Vigilante aircraft of all variants were built. At least 140 of them were produced or converted into the RA-5C reconnaissance version, which was considered a very successful design.