Tamiya 35383 1/35 JGSDF Type 16 MCV C5 with Winch

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Newest model of Type 16 MCV

The type 16 mobile combat vehicle is a wheeled armored vehicle of the Ground Self-Defense Force, which has been procured in 2016 and is being deployed nationwide. Equipped with a domestically produced 105 mm cannon with excellent accuracy, it can achieve a maximum speed of approximately 100 km/h thanks to its eight large-diameter tires. It has increased its presence as a cornerstone of the Rapid Response Regiment, which rushes quickly in case of emergency. In addition, the Type 16 mobile combat vehicle has undergone various modifications during mass production based on the opinions of the personnel who actually operated it. Among them, the vehicle manufactured with the budget of 2020, which is the fifth year from the start of procurement, is called C5. A major feature is the air conditioning unit at the rear of the turret, which has been installed since the previous generation C4. In addition, for the first time, the C5 is equipped with a towing winch for quick recovery of immobilized vehicles.


  • 1/35 scale assembly plastic model kit.
  • Length 248mm, Width 85mm.
  • Based on research on the actual vehicle, the 105mm cannon mounted on the body with 8 large-diameter tires has been realistically modeled.
  • Reproduced by capturing the features of the C5, such as the air conditioning unit at the rear of the turret, cleaning rod case, additional angles, and antenna guard.
  • You can choose to assemble normal vehicle or vehicle with winch device.
  • Vehicles with winch device can reproduce the state in which the wire pulled out from the storage part at the rear of the vehicle body is pulled out along the pulley on the top surface and the tip is set in front of the vehicle body.