Robotime Rolife DIY Plastic Superstore Daily VC Fruit Store

Product Code: ROBDW003
Barcode: 6946785118100

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Daily VC Fruit Store is from the Super Creator series. It is a colorful fruit store with special and interesting design. With easy insertion and many finished toys, it can be assembled in about 1 hour. With connectors on the edges of its boards, it can be combined with other houses to have more fun.

At late night, people are all sleeping and the noisy city becomes quiet now. Inside the fruit store, there is another scene. Some fruits are arguing with each other. A red apples says: “I’m the best fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Don’t you know that? People love me.”. An orange says: “I’m the best one because I’m rich in vitamin C and very juicy.”. “But I’m an imported banana and I’m more expensive than you!” A banana retorts. Those fruits keep arguing till the morning and become quiet again in the morning.

There is an exquisite fruit shopping area with many fruit toys you can see are on the shelf, and the price cards are in font of different fruits. This scene is very vivid and realistic like a real fruit shelf in the supermarket. A shopping cart is filled with fruits and it can be moved with universal wheels.

The door of this store can be opened and there are more details inside. The vending machine with the light inside is designed with playability as well. You can twist its button and get an orange toy or any other fruits from the mini window.

Plastic material and no glue is needed

All products of Super Creator use ABS and PVC materials, which have passed China Compulsory Certification. The materials are tough and durable. With easy insertion design, the house can be assembled in about 45 minutes.

Smart battery box

The house has a smart battery box included. There are two touch switches and long press can adjust the brightness. Besides, there are two Type-C ports. Connecting more distribution boxes with Type-C cables can lighten the houses at the same time. Notice that the input power should be 5V(e.g. power bank).

  • Age: 8+
  • Material: ABS, PVC, Paper
  • Assembly Time: 60min
  • Assembled Size: 163*163*152mm
  • Pieces: 116