Peco SL500 O-16.5/On30 Code 100 Flexible Track Narrow Gauge Wooden Sleeper

Product Code: PEC-SL500
Barcode: 5050881073001
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16.5mm gauge track in 7mm scale gives an equivalent prototype of 2ft 4 ins, making it a popular choice for modellers, this scale is also known as 0n30 in the USA because this results in a prototype gauge close to 30ins. many modellers find that this scale/gauge allows an ideal combination of scale detail in a relatively small space.

  • Length: 914mm

  • SL-10 Conducting Rail Joiners: Nickel Silver for PECO Code 100 track

  • SL-11 Insulated Rail Joiners for PECO Code 100 track

  • SL-14 Track Fixing Pins: Chemically blackened mild steel for unobtrusively pinning down trackwork