Noch 07142 Leaves Light Green 50g

Product Code: N07142
Barcode: 4007246071425

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Leaves rustling underfoot, light green, 50g bag

The NOCH "Foliage" is ideal for staging every landscape scene on a model landscape even more. The green foliage grows on the tall trees. It also changes colors in the different seasons. From a lush light green in spring and summer, it turns yellowish to brown towards autumn before it falls from the trees. Who doesn't love walking through the piles of leaves in autumn and hearing them rustle underfoot? Great landscape components that cannot be missing to further enhance each scene.

The popular NOCH Foliage is a very finely cut, special foliage material. The individual leaves have a deceptively real leaf shape. It is excellent for flocking trees or bushes, or for landscaping ivy, groundcover and deciduous forest floors.

The foliage is available in individual packs as well as in a foliage set with different shades of green or as an autumn foliage set.